Other Services

All lawns need some extra help from time to time. Exactly what and when, will vary greatly from lawn to lawn.

We do not include any optional extras in DD plans or schedules because of this. However, during regular visits, we will advise if any of the items listed below are needed and we will provide pricing and booking forms if they are.

Lawn Scarification

Mechanical scarification is the best way to greatly reduce surface thatch, allowing the grass more access to nutrients and moisture.

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Scarification & Overseeding

A cost effective and non-disruptive way to enhance underlying lawn condition and ward off the day a full and expensive restoration may become necessary.

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Lawn Aeration

Heavily compacted soil below the surface of a lawn makes the passage of air, water and nutrients to the roots of the grass difficult.

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Extra Soil Conditioning

Finding perfect, rich, loamy soil is extremely rare, our soil conditioning treatment is tuned to help with the challenges of most East Anglian lawns.

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Wetting Agents

Wetting agents are products which help soil to absorb and retain moisture, either in preparation for the Summer months, or in Autumn to help with drought recovery.

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Turf Disease Control

We keep ourselves abreast of the current best practise in this area mainly through our membership of The Institute of Groundsmanship.

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