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Local, Independant, Award Winning, Lawn Treatment Service

Treatment Programme

The key to getting lawns into their optimum condition, and then keeping them that way is simple. Do the work at the correct time of year, with the best materials, equipment and techniques available.

Below is an outline of how we spread the tasks throughout the year, to ensure that we are working with nature and the weather and not battling them!

The Regular Essentials

Delivered to all customers on a rolling / no contract basis, available on a pay as you go basis or via direct debit.

Treatment 1 January to February - Moss Control

Traditional and reliable Iron Sulphate based Moss Control treatment.

Treatment 2 March to Mid-May - Spring Treatment

Balanced fertiliser with quickstart and slow release properties, ensures a healthy start to the growth cycle.

Broad leaf weed control as required.

Treatment 3 May to 10th July - Summer Treatment

Slow release long lasting fertiliser PLUS primary weed control targeting all weed types commonly found on lawns.

Summer Break

10th July - August. Staff summer break and optional Scarification related work only.

Treatment 4 September to October - Autumn Treatment

Balanced fertiliser for the crucial Autumn Growth cycle & lawn appearance. Plus secondary Weed control targeting all common lawn weeds.

Treatment 5 November to December - Early Winter Treatment

Minerals, Seaweed extracts and micronutrients plus soil improving organic compounds. A must for soil fertility.

The five parts of our annual programme are formulated and timed to complement each other. We use no repeat products or ingredients.

Optional Extras

Indicative timings & typical price multiples

The optional extras that customers most often add to their lawns regular treatment programme are shown below.

Lawn Aeration Mid February - Mid March

Typical Pricing;

Twice regular treatment. Extra visit.

With or without powerful granular soil improver.

Spring Organic Treatment March - April

Typcial Pricing;

Twice regular treatment. Replaces regular mineral spring feed.

Summer Aid - Wetting Agent May - June

Typcial Pricing;

Twice regular treatment. Done with regular summer treatment.

Lawn Scarification August

Typcial Pricing;

3.5 times regular treatment. Extra visit.

Lawn Scarification + Over Seeding August

Typcial Pricing;

6 times regular treatment. Extra visit.

If option extra services are required we need advanced notice to secure a booking space.

Weed Control


Along with moss, weeds are the greatest problem in lawns. We use professional products to control even the most stubborn weeds, with up to 3 applications per year. All our weedkillers are ‘non-residual’ meaning there is no toxin build up in the soil.

Moss Control


Moss thrives in shade, areas of poor nutrition, waterlogging, compaction and very close mowing. Effective control requires a combination of mechanical and chemical applications. Our very important winter treatment is aimed directly at moss control.

Fertiliser Treatments


To keep a lawn in good condition it is almost certain that a sensible application of well balanced fertiliser is required. At Grasshopper we use the most modern materials available to ensure effective and safe application at all times of year, without resorting to excessive use of nitrogen.

Cultural Treatments

Lawn Scarification

The removal of surface thatch with Lawn Scarification helps to improve access to vital nutrients and water, and can help to deter moss growth.

Cultural Treatments

Lawn Aeration

The use of Lawn Aeration to reduce soil compaction and sub surface thatch, increasing the amount of water and nutrients available to the lawn.

Soil Conditioning Services

Soil Conditioning

Organic matter, Minerals and Plant extracts play a valuable and sustainable part in improving conditions for grass health and appearance.