Autumn & Winter

Maintenance advice during the colder months

In Late Autumn & early winter, deciduous trees shed their leaves. Not all at once, and not with entirely predictable timing. But it is a given that most Lawns will get some of this leaf fall landing on them.

Raking Leaves

It is a chore we all hate, raking, blowing, or using the mower to clear fallen leaves from our lawns. And it is not often nice gardening weather when it needs to be done.

Grass loses condition fast when it is covered up and has light restricted. Once leaves start to rot and get embedded in the grass, lasting damage is likely. Many types of leaf will leach acidity into the ground once this happens and grass does not grow well in acidic soil.

Please: Never leave the surface of your lawn like this!

Lawn covered in leaves

The owner of this lawn thought they may as well wait for all the leaves to come down before they cleared any at all. But 'Little and often' is a far more manageable approach.

The picture was taken in early Autumn & already significant patches of grass were starting to die. Repairs are of course far more time consuming and costly than making regular lawn leaf clearance a key garden task for a few weeks a year.

During our visits for Autumn and early winter treatments, we do expect to find some leaves on customer lawns. We will blow enough of them off to allow an effective treatment application. They will be blown onto the nearest flower bed or non-lawn surface. However, we do not price these treatments to include a leaf clearance service, if we find significant leaf fall needs clearing, and if we have time to tackle it, we will invoice this separately at £20 (+vat) for every 100SqM of lawn.