Wetting Agents
These are products which help soil to absorb and retain moisture. The best and longest performing ones come in granular form and can help sustain the condition of grass with a water input that is reduced.

Wetting Agents

This type of product has two ways to benefit domestic lawncare customers.

1) The soil in the root zone of the grass will absorb and retain moisture more efficiently for about 4 months after application. If you use irrigation, your water requirement will be lower. If your lawn relies on rainfall, it will take less rainfall to keep the Lawn 'in condition' or to prevent it from serious drought damage. BUT it will not drought proof your lawn or stop in going brown in hot dry weather although it will lower the risk that areas of lawn may not recover from drought.

2) When soils become badly de hydrated 'dry patch disease' is a risk and a threat to the ability of grass to recover from dry periods. Patches of soil become so dry they resist the absorption of any moisture, and the grass can not recover. Wetting Agents applied AFTER dry periods help overcome this problem and remove areas of soil hydrophobia. Lawns which receive a late summer/ Early Autumn wetting agent, after a dry period will be better able to recover when rain does arrive.

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When are wetting Agents applied?

For use as a summer water conserver / drought effect reducer: They need to be applied BEFORE the grass loses condition due to drying soil conditions and before the soil is already moisture depleted. To activate and become functional after application in late Spring or Early Summer, wetting agents should be watered in & mowing should be suspended until the granules have had a soaking with rain or a sprinkler.

For Autumn use as a drought recovery booster: They can be applied through September and October. The sooner they are applied, the sooner there will be a chance for them to be of benefit. They will need a thorough soaking to start working and until that has happened, mowing should be suspended.

Pricing: Typically, 2 times the price of a regular essentials treatment.