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There are hundreds of different moss varieties in the UK, however they all belong to one or other of the two main moss types.  These are cushion mosses and trailing mosses.  The type prevailing on your lawn will help us  determine why it might be there, for example cushion moss is often encouraged by cutting the grass too short.





In dry, warm and light seasons moss is not particularly active, neither growing or reproducing to any great extent.  The main periods of activity for moss are in the autumn when it produces spores (to try and further colonise the lawn) and early spring when these spores germinate.  Our Winter Treatment massively reduces the number of live spores in your lawn and retards the growth of already established moss.  Our Spring Treatment will include (if required by the condition of the lawn) additives to the fertiliser, which will inhibit spore germination and fresh growth of existing moss.


These two attempts to control the moss population will be sufficient on some lawns and quite inadequate on others.  The reason for this is that if conditions in the lawn provide a good habitat for moss to live in it will keep re-appearing, and may even thrive.  Unfortunately when moss is treated with a moss killer it does not compost very readily, and occasionally a thick layer of inactive / treated moss will provide the perfect place for new moss to grow.
So, to provide you with the maximum moss reduction possible, we consider not only the moss, but why it is there.  All mosses thrive in moist and shady conditions, and as moss competes with grass for space on the lawn it will do better if the grass is not at its best.
We have two mechanical treatments which will significantly alter conditions on or just below the lawn, and these will sometimes be needed to reduce the factors which encourage moss and inhibit healthy grass.  These are Scarification and Hollow-Tine Aeration, if either of these are needed we will advise you well in advance of the appropriate treatment season and give you time to consider your requirements.


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