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The Regular Treatment Programme


Our Treatment Programme is designed to bring out the best in your lawn given the prevailing weather and the condition of your soil.  Unlike many other Lawncare companies, our independence allows us to adapt to these conditions and we are not tied into a rigid Treatment Programme.  We are able to buy the best products from all the major turf care suppliers. 


The major Nitrogen (N) feed of the year is applied in slow release form along with other important nutrients.  This gives an early boost to the plant even in cold conditions and will continue to supply feed for three months.. Where temperatures allow (which they almost always do), your lawn will be sprayed with a herbicide targeting common broad leafed weeds.

Early Summer

In this visit we concentrate on turf condition and appearance, often using organic supplements, and apply the major weed control of the year to target all weed types.  We are careful to limit Nitrogen (N) which can promote over vigorous growth and thatch build up, particularly in a wet summer, and do no real good in a dry one. Experience has taught us that this treatment is the most likely to require adjustment according to temperature and rainfall.


We return in the autumn to ensure your lawn has all the major nutrients to recover from the rigours of summer, and maintain and promote a healthy plant and root system.  The actual fertiliser will again be selected to suit the prevailing weather and your lawns condition (for example does it have an early growth of moss or has it been recently scarified). We also take this opportunity to apply the final weedkill of the year.


The all important winter treatment is applied in spray form, predominately aimed at controlling moss and turf hardening.  This ensures a strong healthy grass plant right up to the following spring.  The moss, where present, will blacken but should not be raked out as this can speed spores and encourage further moss growth.
Please note that where recommended, we undertake Scarification between Summer and Autumn treatments and Aeration throughout the Winter
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