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In a few instances the regular treatments and options that may be insufficient to attain or return a lawn to a healthy state.  In these circumstances specialist groundsmanship may be required.




Over Seeding

Where bare or sparse patches are present through wear, drought or moss and thatch removal, we are able to machine overseed.  This is generally done in the late Summer in conjunction with Scarification as experience has taught us that this gives the maximum chance for establishing a healthy sword prior to the onset of winter.  We have a variety of seed mixes including high quality sports mixes for lawn tennis and croquet.


Generally used on tennis courts, croquet lawns and high quality ornamental lawns.  Top dressing improves levels, dilutes thatch and modifies the soil texture.  Depending on requirements different topdressing materials can be used.  This treatment is generally carried out with scarification or spiking (Solid Tine Aeration).  It is important to note that it will not restore levels on uneven domestic lawns.

Soil pH

When soil becomes too acidic the grass plant can no longer fully utilise the available nutrients in the soil and no amount of fertiliser input will solve the problem.  In these rare and extreme circumstances we will remove a soil sample for laboratory analysis.  If results suggest necessary we can then undertake a programme of liming to neutralise the pH.
Solid Tine Aeration
Although we believe Hollow Tine Aeration offers the maximum benefit, Soild Tine Aeration can be undertaken where appropriate.  This is particularly when the customer does not wish to have soil cores left on the surface or to allow incorporation of topdressing material


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