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Grasshopper Lawncare was founded in 2002 by Tim Woolnough and continues to be a family run, independent business totally dedicated to providing the highest quality lawn care and customer service at affordable and competitive prices.

We have a comprehensive range of treatments available (including some Organic options) and these will be tailored to the needs of your lawn and to your personal requirements.



Beautiful lawns do not evolve at random, they are the result of properly planned treatment cycles and the application of top quality treatment materials by skilled and experienced hands.
Happily this level of care is not expensive, and in many cases our service will be no more costly than the purchase of inferior D.I.Y. materials from a garden centre.  We normally make four regular visits to our customer lawns each year.  This ensures the grass has the correct balance of nutrients for each stage of its growth cycle, and also that we have sufficient opportunity to deal with weeds and moss which will try to colonise the lawn if left unchecked.
Treatment Programmes vary from lawn to lawn but a typical schedule of four visits per year is usually:-
Spring - Early Summer - Autumn - Winter
In addition to our regular visits we can carry out a number of extra treatments.  The most commonly required are Scarification and Aeration.  We will let you know in plenty of time if these or any other additional work will provide significant benefit.
Please Note:
  We do NOT ask our customers to sign any contracts or pay for any part of our service up front.  We will invoice you only after the work detailed for each visit has been completed.
  In short if you are not satisfied with our service you can cancel at any time.
  Lawn surveys and quotations for our services are FREE of charge or obligation as are service calls and lawn inspections for existing customers.


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