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The grass plant obtains most of it's nutrients from the soil, and these nutrients act as the raw materials for energy providers (sunlight, water and carbon dioxide) which together allow the plant to produce it's leaves and roots.  Nutrients can be lost from the soil in a domestic lawn in the following ways:-

The collection and removal of grass clippings
Some nutrients (particularly Nitrogen) are easily leached through
Compaction and heavy use may reduce uptake and thus recycling back to the soil in plant residues




The major nutrients removed in the clippings of turf grass are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) and are found at a reasonably constant ratio of 4:1:3
At Grasshopper Lawncare we believe a fertiliser input of major nutrients based on this ratio makes great scientific sense and keeps a lawn in good order without resorting to excessive use of Nitrogen.  Too much Nitrogen can keep a lawn looking very green but in the long run can make the plant susceptible to disease, shallow rooting and ultimately less healthy.


Our fertilisers contain varying levels of N, P & K dependant on the season.  In no instance do we use fertilisers which would scorch your lawn or require any watering in.  Unlike many of our competitors we are always happy to discuss with our customers exactly what ingredients our fertilisers contain and why.  The way fertiliser releases its nutrients is as important as the nutrients themselves.  Slow release fertilisers have been available for a long time. Where appropriate we use the most recent varieties which rely predominately on temperature rather than moisture to control their rates of release.  This has huge benefits to the grass and the environment.
We are constantly researching ways of producing healthier lawns.  Our Autumn treatment contains organic bio-stimulants and micro nutrients while our Early Summer treatment is generally applied with a solution of organic concentrated seaweed extracts.  These products promote good soil and plant health through the provision of micro nutrients and the stimulation of microscopic soil organisms.  In short we refer to them as plant and soil conditioners.  They are in integral part of our turf and nutrition programme, which offers a more holistic and environmentally friendly way of promoting healthy lawns than the all too common reliance on Nitrogen heavy fertiliser regimes.


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