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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I have to sign a contract?
A No.  We are a pay as you go service, which you can cancel at any time.
Q How quickly will my lawn improve?
A Normally some improvement is visible within a couple of weeks, but please do not expect an overnight miracle.  The benefits of a good Lawncare regime accumulate over time.
Q How quickly will the weeds die?
A Within two weeks they will begin to discolour and distort, large and fibrous weeds will take longer than this to completely disappear.  If we fall short of our minimum weed reduction target of 65% please telephone us and we will arrange a free re-spray.
Q Are the treatments safe for pets and children?
A Yes, but we do advise keeping them off the grass for about two hours.
Q How soon after my treatments can I mow?
A Not for about two or three days, and our invoice will remind you of this.  In fact the fertiliser is not affected by an early mow, but the weedkiller may be.
Q Can I put mower clippings on the compost heap?
A Yes, as long as you do not use the compost for six months.  If you intend using it sooner do not compost the clippings from the first two cuts after a treatment.
Q Do I need to be in when the lawn is treated?
A No, and many of our customers are not, but please remember to leave your gate unlocked so we can gain access to the lawn.
Q How should I Pay?
A We only accept cash (on the day) or cheques.  We ask that postal payments are made within two weeks of your treatment / invoice date.
Q Do the Treatments need watering in?
A No.
Q Can I change the 'next treatment date'?
A Yes, telephone us and we will arrange an alternative.  Each invoice has the date of your next regular treatment, so you will know when to expect us.
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