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Soil Compaction and Aeration

Heavily compacted soil below the surface of a lawn makes the passage of air, water and nutrients to the roots of the grass difficult.  It is also hard for the roosts to grow properly in compacted soil making it unlikely that grasses will be able to develop and maintain a healthy root structure.  Roots situated in heavily compacted soils struggle to support a healthy and vibrant top growth.





Hollow Tine Aeration

The best way to reduce soil compaction in the root zone of a lawn is by Hollow Tine Aeration.  Grasshopper Lawncare use pedestrian petrol driven machines for this job, which entails removing thousands of cores from the lawn - each about the size of a little finger.  As well as removing thousands of soil cores from the lawn this process has the benefit of removing a plug of thatch with each soil core.  This treatment is typically carried out in the early part of the year, when the cores can be left to break down naturally with minimum inconvenience.
The frequency that your lawn requires Hollow Tine Aeration will depend on a number of factors, the most important of which are soil type and lawn use.  We will keep you advised if it becomes apparent that major benefits will be enjoyed.


Solid Tine Aeration

Many new properties have very little top soil in their gardens with lawns laid directly over clay.  Occasionally in this type of environment we may recommend Solid Tine Aeration.  This process involves punching holes in the soil which can then be back filled with sharp sand, thus permanently altering the composition of material in the root zone.  This is a very time and labour intensive treatment, and not one that we can undertake on larger lawn areas.  However, if it is a viable proposition for your lawn, with a real prospect of greater benefits than Hollow Tine Aeration, we will recommend that you give it consideration.


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